For over 20 years, Sea to Sea has been one of Eastern Canada's most prolific documentary production houses   

Award winning producer/director Teresa MacInnes and cinematographer, Kent Nason are the creative powerhouses
behind a huge roster of social and nature documentaries – exploring issues, creating change. 


From Serbia to the Caribbean, Canada to Sweden, Sea to Sea is the creative force behind stories that range from peace to prostitution, from turtle conservation to celebrating the oldest working hairdresser in Canada. Winning awards, educating and entertaining audiences around the world. 


Check out what we are working on now or is newly released. Unique collaborative approaches to filmmaking and exploring global social issues. The criminalization of poverty and the fascinating world of the grey seals of Sable Island. 


A combined sixty years of filmmaking experience is what Sea to Sea brings to the table. With backgrounds in social work, photography and independent production, they team up with talented collaborators to round out their stories.