Feminine Resolution - Series

SOAR over an Australian cliff, with extreme sport photographer, Krystle Wright. EXPERIENCE a Syrian refugee camp with TIME photojournalist, Kate Brooks. TRAVEL through the lowlands of Bangladesh with climate change photographer, Arati Kumar-Rao in this gritty, powerful and much needed documentary web series directed by award winning photographer and filmmaker, Nance Ackerman and produced by Sea to Sea's Teresa MacInnes. 

Pre-developed with the participation of the Canada Media Fund



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Seals of Sable - Film

Sable Island, NS, is home to the largest breeding colony of grey seals in the world. Over the course of a year we will get to know the seals and meet the scientists who have been studying them for over 40 years. Known as one of the planet’s greatest natural laboratories on earth, it is one of the most well recognized marine mammal research projects that attract biologists and researchers from around the world. Produced and Directed by Sea to Sea's Teresa MacInnes and Kent Nason.   
In development with CBC Nature of Things and Canada Media Fund